A Vision Realized: The 810 House

Once Upon a Time…
In the 1800’s, the Old Village of Fair Haven, NJ began filling with life. In 1857, a small house at 810 River Road was established, unknowingly with a bright future ahead as the newest addition to ForeFront’s headquarters location.
Between the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers, the 810 House was lived in for many years. At inception, it served as a home to the parents of Joseph Bedle, who would become New Jersey’s 23rd governor. Through the next hundred years, 810 House took in many local businesses as the town grew. With these changes in ownership, the wear and tear of life over time wore down on the condition of 810 House. Its structure faced a steady decline, eventually becoming neglected and weakened.
In the 21st century, the 810 House welcomed a new beginning. A vision to bring back the historical value was conceived, and renewed life for the 810 House was within reach – restoring and reinforcing its original structure to become home to Team ForeFront.
ForeFront – a leader in global, enterprise-wide, digital transformations – set forth to unite preservation and innovation. Ready to branch out their River Road campus, ForeFront’s 810 House Project would kickstart the area’s growth and foster “Silicon River,” an NJ Shore tech community. The 810 House would create opportunities for local talent looking to trade their NYC commute for a work-life balance. Careers in this state-of-the-art working environment would provide a chance to thrive professionally, locally.
Today, the historic 810 House stands filled with more life than ever before. Watch below for more on The 810 House Story.
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