Process Manufacturing

Solutions Built on Salesforce

See how ForeFront combines technology expertise and industry insights to build digital transformation solutions that enhance operational efficiency, improve customer outcomes, and increase profitability.

White colored robot arms in a factory line.

Our process manufacturing practice is second to none. That’s because our solutions aren’t just built by technology experts – they’re also built by industry experts.

When you partner with ForeFront, you get a team with proven experience in the process manufacturing industry. We use our insider knowledge to develop business solutions that address our customers’ most pressing needs.

Robots assembling parts on a machine in a factory.

ForeFront understands the challenges process manufacturers face.

For a technology investment to be worthwhile, it needs to solve a real business need. While every process manufacturer is unique, it’s not uncommon to want to improve in these key areas.

Challenge Area  What You Need to Succeed
  • More comprehensive account insights
  • Accurate demand planning
  • Actionable insights 
    Sales Efficiency 
    • A more efficient quoting process
    • Strategic process automations
    • AI-driven insights 
    Sales Management 
    • A better way to manage sales agreements
    • Improved opportunity tracking
    • Margin managements 
    Customer Experience 
    • Easy-to-use customer portals that make buying a breeze
    • Omni-Studio document generation
    • AI-powered recommendations