ForeFront Maestro –
Our New Org Health Check for Salesforce Admins

Managing a Salesforce org is no simple feat. Even for experienced Administrators who have lived through multiple deploys, the org is constantly evolving; quarterly releases, org updates, custom admin add-ons, 3rd Party Application updates, and changing governance all contribute to the Administrator’s challenges within the Salesforce instance. Maintaining comprehensive visibility is difficult. Critical information is overlooked or mistaken when it matters most. Time is spent tending to release errors, when the Salesforce team could be focusing on facilitating adoption.

Maestro | Health Check provides the very visibility and understandings Administrators need to ensure successful release management of their Salesforce org.

Maestro | Health Check is a proprietary solution developed by ForeFront to equip Salesforce administrators with vitals akin to a physician’s exam — ForeFront examines the Salesforce org, performing necessary evaluations to measure organizational health, while addressing integration and maintenance concerns.

With complete evaluation of Apex, including custom add-ons and 3rd party integrations, Maestro | Health Check accounts for Org security, performance, complexity, and style. Salesforce admins are presented with the identified vulnerabilities, coverage, validation, class testing, scale limits, and more in a format that is both actionable and comprehensive. Maestro | Health Check graphically displays all captured data by Admin need and selection, with the ability to view and categorize by severity, allowing the Admin to focus on identifying production risks and optimization opportunities with priority and ease.

ForeFront assists Administrators and the business as a Trusted Advisor in understanding the data captured during Maestro | Health Check — fortified upon ForeFront’s 20 years of industry-leading Integration Excellence and Business Transformation. Maestro | Health Check, with ForeFront’s expertise, arms Salesforce administrators with the information they need to execute Release Management with confidence.

Health Check is included complimentary as part of ForeFront’s Managed Services, as well as performed prior to any client engagement.

Don’t wait to find out that your Change Management is making you sick — Secure org vitality with Maestro | Health Check

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