naviHealth Transforms their Quote and Contract Management

naviHealth, a leader in post-acute care services for hospitals and medical facilities, transformed their Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) processes with ForeFront’s healthcare-industry insights, cloud solution expertise, and Conga (Apttus) best practices implementing Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).
naviHealth partnered with ForeFront to achieve streamlined quote and contract approval processes, optimized data capture throughout the contract lifecycle, and implement proactive renewal and reporting capabilities—with the goal of empowering their team to stay ahead of the competition.

The Challenge

naviHealth handled contracts manually, requiring lengthy and tedious authoring and approval processes, on top of lacking a centralized repository for pricing or products. Non-standard business processes, without any enforcement for protocol, presented risk for errors, gaps in documentation, and no actionable data to support management decision-making. For naviHealth to maintain the competitive and innovative edge that their services offer, their CPQ and CLM systems would need to reflect the same level of innovation.

The Solution

ForeFront worked with naviHealth management to identify clear objectives to achieve through CPQ and CLM. This included automating not only Quote and Contract authoring, but systematic approvals, as well as signature and renewal activities. ForeFront leveraged its experience in capturing and structuring contract data, product information, and pricing models within the healthcare industry to ensure complete centralization and security-based accessibility—exceeding industry standards for compliance and visibility.
ForeFront’s solution simultaneously enabled naviHealth to have far greater insight into their quote and contract activity than before. ForeFront not only achieved the solution for their CPQ and CLM platforms, but integrated them seamlessly, allowing for uninterrupted transition between the distinct stages of their quote and contract lifecycle.

The Results

ForeFront’s customized Conga (Apttus) CPQ and CLM solution, from architecture and implementation know-how, to business transformation and process advisory, resulted in exceeding client needs for innovation and today’s regulation and compliance standards. naviHealth realized a streamlined sales process through use of customized workflows and Salesforce Apex code. Quoting and contracting speed was reduced to a fraction of the time and effort, replacing with word processors and email with conditional automation, in addition to the comfort of enforced compliance.
Management and their teams were empowered to not only perform day-to-day responsibilities with minimized disruption, but leverage reporting capabilities to reflect on their results, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions. Ultimately, naviHealth gained operational efficiency that translated into improved experiences and reduced costs for their business and clients alike.
About naviHealth
naviHealth, a Cardinal Health Company, provides post-acute care management solutions in the US. Its services include risk underwriting, benchmarking and analytics, clinical design and support, PAC decision support, network management, and bundled payments.
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