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MuleSoft Manufacturing Cloud Integration Accelerator

For companies looking to implement Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, the key to improving operational efficiency and unleashing the full capabilities of the Salesforce platform is full integration with your ERP. Our MuleSoft Manufacturing Cloud Integration Accelerator leverages our expertise to untangle your connections, build conduits for your important data, and give you the information and insight you need.


ForeFront Accelerate for Automotive

A surprising number of automotive industry companies run their businesses using disconnected processes and systems. Even if your company has an integrated solution, standard manufacturing applications often require significant customization to give you the functionalities to improve efficiency, to manage [...]


6 Change Management Strategies for Sustained Salesforce Solution Success

A new or extended Salesforce solution offers an opportunity to transform your organization's processes, increase efficiency and improve business performance. But, while expanded and enhanced capabilities offer a significant upside, change creates risk that requires proactive mitigation. Simply put, neglecting to manage change is the most avoidable cause of user acceptance challenges. Learn how we maximize the odds of a successful Salesforce solution.


ForeFront B2B Commerce Dealer Portal

Our B2B Commerce Dealer Portal goes far beyond basic ecommerce by offering a complete, efficient and sophisticated experience for your dealers, and a single location for virtually every interaction, including customer service, case management, warranty management, returns/exchanges and rebates. Get a modern, sophisticated portal solution ? and the capabilities and speed you need now with ForeFront B2B Commerce Dealer Portal.


ForeFront D2C Ecommerce

Our integrated solution, built with Salesforce D2C, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Experience Cloud, delivers a sophisticated customer buying experience and an improved dealer experience, as well as upgraded order management, inventory management and customer interaction. Get the capabilities you [...]


ForeFront Accelerate for Manufacturing

Manufacturers of everything from taco shells to high-tech industrial machines face constant change. Especially now. This uncertainty requires solutions that enable rapid adaptation and facilitate real digital transformation. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers the platform you need to streamline operations, view [...]


ForeFront Accelerate for B2B Commerce

B2B companies often struggle to bring their business online — and usually spend too much money to get too little performance from their ecommerce initiatives. For organizations big, medium and small, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud offers the platform required to [...]