CPQ Insights:
Costing as a Major Key to Improve Quotes and Pricing Accuracy

CPQ (configure, price, quote) software can play a major role in generating success within your business when it comes to costing. If you are looking for some CPQ know-how insights and know-how, check out the below video – a journey across three complex use cases:
  1. Manufacturers with complex product cost permutations and calculations and a need for on-demand analytics and a more accurate CPQ outcome.
  2. Release management cases that require moving around Salesforce instances while preserving CPQ configuration records and object relationships.
  3. A global CPQ go-to-market with proven multi-currency, multi-lingual best practices inherent to reducing manual processes and a successful change management plan.
Learn how this journey provides client CPQ agility by migrating quoting, pricing, and other functions out of legacy SAP or Oracle ERP systems to a more relevant and transformative Salesforce CPQ solution.
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