Our Commitment to Help Beat Coronavirus

ForeFront has provided innovative health cloud solutions over the years to some of the most complex challenges in the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) industry. Today, some of these solutions are at the frontline of the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic:
  • A global biotechnology client is going live shortly with their rapid Coronavirus detection test kit in the U.S. and Europe. Their Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) will help to address soaring demand for Coronavirus tests and will allow laboratories to produce results in two hours. For more than a decade, ForeFront has been helping this client with cloud solutions such as CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) and ALM (Asset Lifecycle Management in the field). Our solutions have been proven to be solid and scalable during crises like Ebola, SARS and now the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A global biopharmaceutical services provider which has helped develop 95% of the top 200 selling household drug brands in the world today. Our client’s 20,000 employees conduct clinical trials worldwide on behalf of its pharmaceutical clients to expedite the drug approval process (e.g., FDA). Clinical trials evaluating investigational vaccines designed to protect against Coronavirus disease are an urgent public health priority.  ForeFront has been optimizing our client’s procurement processes and legal operations across their global enterprise as several hundred clinical trials are underway around the world.
  • A nationwide and award-winning cleaning services provider with over 20,000 employees is now faced with a surge for COVID-19 facilities cleansing. As the largest janitorial services provider in the U.S., delivering its services in this ‘new reality’ – across commercial, corporate and government – is a significant challenge. Added burden comes to play like adequate training, meeting Employer/Union Rights & Obligations across states, and efficiently pricing new service contracts, tracking and managing them. ForeFront had optimized and automated management of our client’s business processes while enabling their digital transformation. Today, they can respond to the surge.
  • An established leader of campus-style retirement communities across the U.S., is taking unprecedented action to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus among its 30,000+ seniors and staff. Prevention focus and continuity for safe operations are a must. One way to address the need for on-campus social distancing is an automated scheduling and work order management. The solution created by ForeFront generates and assigns work orders like shuttle service, housekeeping, medical visits and general maintenance. With these new scheduling and dispatch capabilities our client is meeting both retirement communities’ needs safely and public health concerns.
From life sciences’ medical device providers, healthcare providers, to giant pharmaceuticals, ForeFront has contributed to numerous successes by delivering health cloud expertise and innovative solutions based on Salesforce, Apttus, ServiceMax and more. We transform the way the HLS industry is acquiring, servicing, engaging and innovating across the globe.
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