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The Domino’s Pizza tracker allowed us to see how and when our pizza was being made and delivered, satisfying our hunger pains. Uber redefined how we hail a cab – without having to call a person or wave our hand. These companies are often revered as pioneers – and they should be.

The good news is that these innovators are raising the standard for customer self-service. The bad news is that the new standard leaves many businesses feeling left in the dust, or self-conscious about their service offering.

Customers are no longer willing to pick up the phone or write an email for a service request or complaint. They want an app, a website; or better yet, not to have to request service in the first place. Companies that want to enable their customers to easily self-serve without a huge investment, finally have options. Salesforce has redefined how companies engage with their customers, removing the cost barriers, and ForeFront has added to that story.

ForeFront’s Best Tech on Call (BToC) is an add-on to Salesforce-Field Service Lightning (FSL) that allows customer self-service any time of the day or night. This Lightning BOLT solution extends FSL and creates a network of available technicians that are qualified to complete work when requested by local customers. Just how Uber drivers “bid” on available fares, BToC allows ‘on-call’ technicians to bid on service requests on-demand.

Making Service Centers More Efficient

The application uses a complex proprietary algorithm written by ForeFront to search a combination of weighted variables and technician criteria to alert and locate the best and closest technician, either through in-house resources or through a 3rd party vendor. Through a custom mobile bidding system, technicians on-call after hours can view and request service appointment bids and recent work orders, view important documents, and easily navigate to their next appointment. The BToC portal handles the technician matching, communication, and complexity of scheduling a service appointment – all without human interaction.

Bid on Service Call

Workforce Productivity

First Time Fix Rates

Customer Experience

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