Sunnova - Catching the Sunrise

Full Daylight on Field Service Transformation

Our client, Sunnova, is an emerging energy market leader, combining residential solar systems with battery storage systems. Their solutions provide home energy resiliency and reliability. Their concept is simple and clean; battery powers the house throughout the night and recharges the next day, while solar panels power the house throughout the day. Their goal is homeowners’ energy independence.
Sunnova partnered with ForeFront for a custom Salesforce FSL implementation – which would transform their field service operations.

The Challenge

Our client has strategic technology partnerships with Tesla and Generac for instance, and a network of resellers across 20+ states. Sunnova maintains a distributed fleet of certified service providers. All monitoring and inbound customer service calls are handled in-house. Third-party service partners complete all field work required.
Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) in the field is critical, from maintaining solar systems performance, tracking contractual obligations conformance, and optimizing field service operations to providing excellent customer service. For years, ForeFront has been deploying ALM field solutions across industries and Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) was selected as the one cloud platform to connect Sunnova’s entire field service workforce.

The Solution

Salesforce FSL is a customizable and mobile-friendly field service hub built on their Service Cloud platform. FSL addresses many aspects of transforming Field Service Management, between case-driven work order creation, schedule optimization, predictive Service Level Agreement (SLA) insights, and more. ForeFront, as a competitive win for Salesforce, helped our client migrate from their current vendor to FSL and deploy their first asset management release.

The Results

Sunnova benefited from the custom FSL implementation in many ways. The initial roll-out was Service-only products with various pricing, monitoring, diagnosing, and warranting plans. As the company grows, a scalable platform combined with internal workflows optimization is a must. Through Salesforce communities, engagement of their third-party service providers and customers are also key to their field support success. Additionally, gathering meter information remotely through IoT (Internet of Things) allows seamless integration between case creation and work orders dispatching.
To learn more about how ForeFront is innovating and transforming field asset and workforce management with Salesforce FSL, Service Cloud, B2B Commerce, CPQ, and more, please contact us.