Maestro Can Save the Day

Salesforce Outage and How Maestro Can Save the Day!

A few weeks ago, Salesforce experienced a major disruption when a faulty database script removed profile and permission settings for customers who use Pardot (a marketing automation tool).  These settings control who is able to access ‘what’ in Salesforce – so removing them is a big deal!
Salesforce was not able to revert these settings to their prior state and has instead proposed two workarounds for Salesforce Admins.  Customers are called to either restore their production settings from a sandbox (which may be out-of-date or not ready for production) or to start over and configure profiles and permissions from scratch!  Unfortunately, for many organizations neither workaround allows for a speedy recovery.  Enter ForeFront’s Maestro!
ForeFront’s Maestro – an application supporting best practice release management – offers two key features that simplify and greatly speed up the recovery here.  First, Maestro comes standard with automated Org backup.  The backup captures profile and permission settings of your Org – in addition to all other metadata – and can run on any desired frequency (daily is typically recommended).  With a backup always on-hand you’re prepared for unexpected and unsettling events.  There is no longer a question of ‘can we recover’?
With a backup always ready, now all you need is an efficient way to restore your settings to production.  Maestro offers an easy way to build, validate, and deploy packages to production without iterating through change sets.  Your Salesforce Admin can use Maestro’s deployment tools to reduce hours down to minutes – which makes a world of difference when disaster strikes.  Deployments through Maestro will automatically capture a backup, log errors (for quick troubleshooting), and can also email deployment status for better oversight and visibility.
The disruption proved to be a wake-up call for many organizations.  Customers using Maestro knew that they could recover and recover fast.  Contact us to find out more on how Maestro can help not only in recovery events, but also improve your DevOps practices.  Here are some other things Maestro can do for you:
  • Data Masking: Mask sensitive data in a sandbox Org in bulk. Give your developers access to a valid data set without giving them Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Targeted Data Move: Select a parent record and multiple levels of child records to export from one Org and import into another. This feature is great for reproducing data related issues that you may only be seeing in one Org.  The Targeted Data Move allows you to bring over the same data structure to quickly identify and resolve the issue.
  • Health Check: Let us run an evaluation of your Org to proactively identify potential issues and threats – including maintenance and integration concerns. The Health Check summarizes key information that helps business understand their Org and set priorities.
  • Configuration Data Deployer: Quickly identify configuration data differences between two Orgs and easily move selected record(s) as needed.
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