A banner with the ForeFront logo with the text: ForeFront Day. The photo on the banner is a group picture of ForeFront employees, with many raising their hands in the air.

Time Capsule:
ForeFront Day, Our Annual Team Celebration!

At ForeFront, our Team culture is everything. That’s why each year we make sure to dedicate a whole day to celebration & fun – called ForeFront Day! 
Each year’s ForeFront Day involves a different (and always memorable) set of activities. Whether you find us indulging in food, skee-ball battling, volunteering, or simply reminiscing, it’s all about bringing the whole Team together to bond and give back. The result is an undeniable, recharged feeling of camaraderie that carries us through the rest of the year. Read on as we recap memories of ForeFront Days passed…

ForeFront Day ’20: House of ForeFront

Hosted virtually, 2020’s event theme reflected a sense of togetherness in light of adversity and change. The day started with thanking the Team for our client successes while recognizing the collaboration challenges with remote work.
Our guest speaker was Brien Dunphy, NJ President of the International Coach Federation. Appropriately, Brien talked about “Resilience Everywhere, Every Time” and his message resonated with the Team on both personal and professional levels – “Where we set our sails is where we are going to arrive”.
Next it was time to dress-up for our annual Halloween Costume Contest! Prizes were given towards the day’s highly anticipated Grand Prize (“Your Dream Day made into Reality”!). Joining ForeFront’s contest were a Minion, a Banana, a Canadian Hockey Player, and a Cloud Clipper… to name a few. Afterwards, the Team was divided into groups to escape a virtual reality, the “Grimm Escape” – featuring fantastical storylines, strategic thinking, and tricky riddles. We then hosted an Uber-Eats Team lunch with gourmet enjoyment via Zoom!
Closing out the day, a “Canstruction” challenge for each group involved creating complex structures out of canned goods – one with more than 150 cans! Our Team donated all the items to local communities’ food banks like Lunch Break.

ForeFront Day ’19: Welcome to the Carnival

For 2019’s celebration, ForeFront’s campus transformed into a carnival complete with games, food, prizes, and carnies galore. 
Our Team first shared in a pep rally to support our DRIVEN values along with lessons learned in the year so far, and our goals for the rest. The session was capped with ForeFront Trivia, where all buzzed in answers that would remind us how far we’ve come and spark fond memories.  
Feeling inspired to spread the love, we engaged in some volunteering stations to help people in need. Kits of various supplies & snacks were put together for the Surfrider Foundation towards Bahamas Hurricane Relief and to help the homeless in New York City. We also connected with a local school to ship letters we wrote to our military men and women overseas.  
Everyone then gathered on our campus grounds eager to display some Team spirit. In four groups we entered the red-and-white-striped tent arena, each having prepared a routine sure to put the audience on the edge of their seat. Our most-spirited Team featured lion taming, bearded ladies, and a dinosaur, among other circus characters. Round after round of carnival games ensued from here. Our 4 Teams engaged in competitive duck shooting, balloon popping, and potato sack racing to collect tickets with each win – in hopes of earning the top prize! Only the most daring would step into Bobbing for Apples – a large bounce platform holding “apples” in its center, with a bungee-corded vest attached at each end.  
To wind down the day, the Team and their families enjoyed continued camaraderie, a delicious barbecue, pig roast, beer tasting, the highly anticipated prize raffle, and rejuvenating ice-cream treats.