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In just the last few years, the Internet of Things has gone from a down-the-line possibility to game changing reality. According to Gartner, businesses like ThingWorx are already forging the way with IoT based applications and partnering with established companies like ServiceMax to lead Field Service into its new, ever more connected future.

Mobile Field Service management has already changed the industry. Software like ServiceMax helps companies reduce expenses and meet increasing customer expectations by ensuring that the right technician with the right tools and right skillset is sent to the closest location in the shortest amount of time.

The caveat is that even as human operations in the field become easier to manage, for many branches of the Field Service industry, the product-service lifecycle can be unpredictable. This is where IoT will become key. A machine or system that can communicate data in real-time allows for companies to be increasingly proactive, predictive and prescriptive rather than reactive, seeing signs of potential failures before the customer sees an issue.

2016 looks to be the jumping off point for IoT in Field Service.

With machine to machine connectivity, predictive service business model is the industry’s next step. It is ForeFront’s mission to help clients be a part of that next step, transforming businesses and revenue models along the way. With over 15 years of integration excellence with any ERP, ForeFront is poised to help blaze the trail for integrating these promising new systems.

Key Terms:
CFS-Connected Field Service
PTC-Owns Thing Worx and is focused heavily on creating IOT ready platforms
Thing Worx- Subsidiary of PTC