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ForeFront Accelerate for Automotive

A surprising number of automotive industry companies run their businesses using disconnected processes and systems. Even if your company has an integrated solution, standard manufacturing applications often require significant customization to give you the functionalities to improve efficiency, to manage [...]


Automotive Aftermarket Solutions by ForeFront

BraunAbility (, like many other companies wrestling with the transition to the digital commerce, struggled with its online capabilities. ForeFront delivered a new, asset-based commerce (ABC) approach — built on the Salesforce platform — that combines several systems into a [...]


ForeFront D2C With Automotive Cloud

An alternative ecommerce sales channel — direct-to-consumer (D2C) — offers the opportunity to build highly personalized, high-lifetime-value, end-to-end relationships with your customers. And ForeFront D2C With Automotive Cloud makes it happen by combining the advanced capabilities of the Salesforce Platform [...]