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ForeFront and Provar Revolutionize How Companies Test and Deploy in the Force.com Ecosystem.
No more manual testing. No more regression testing complexity. No more issues with resource availability.

Earlier this year, ForeFront partnered with Provar to market its testing technology. As a result of a joint development effort, the first testing automation for ServiceMax, based on Provar’s tool and ForeFront’s testing know-how, is now a reality and was launched this week at ServiceMax’s customer event, Maximize. (See our full press release here!) ForeFront will be packaging Provar’s automated testing capabilities in its growing cloud-based portfolio of ForeFront Service Accelerators (FSAs), which includes system integrations know-how, Force.com best practices, and business transformation management.


Due to Provar’s seamless integration with Salesforce, which intelligently locates various types of metadata, Business Analysts and Developers will approach workflow and process creation in new and effective ways. When paired with ForeFront’s agile best practices, this delivery method drastically reduces time-to-value on client projects. ForeFront’s superior integration know-how and Provar’s ability to automate various types of tests, such as Salesforce configurations, unit tests, API and UI tests, the challenges and risks behind successful deployment are significantly reduced in terms of costs and time. By leveraging integration best practices and agile development methodology together with Provar’s automated testing tool, ForeFront can help companies across various industries achieve higher levels of productivity.