The ForeFront Team Battles it Out at ForeFront Day 2018!

An Opening Ceremony filled with team flags and spirit paved the way for ForeFront Day 2018, where the team gathered from all offices to claim the “DRIVEN” Title at Camp ForeFront festivities at the local Victory Park.

The team was fully engaged the first portion of the day in a series of first half of the year reflections, future planning, and “Around the Org” Round-table discussions. 2018 is full of growth and business improvement, and this was the perfect opportunity to reinforce our business positioning.

Employees were then instantly brought back to their summers as a kid, splitting into their color-decorated teams to battle it out in the park through a series of both physical and strategic activities. Noodleball proved to ignite competitive spirits, while the Nutstacker competition tested patience and precision. The Egg Drop Relay, ForeFront Jeopardy, Mallow Drop and Puzzle Against the Clock rounded out the additional activities.

As a sweet ending to the day, the team and their families joined together at ForeFront headquarters for a backyard BBQ that included a pig roast, lawn games, and a surprise Ice Cream Truck ending!

ForeFront is also a proud sponsor of the annual Fair Haven Day, a day that celebrates our community success in building an Esprit de Corps, a strong feeling of belonging and pride. The next day, the team and their families gathered together again for the day for some kids’ fun, delicious local food, live music and fireworks.

Our key values remain at the ForeFront of every hard-working day, and we recognize the importance of taking the time to recharge with team planning, friendly competition, and a hard-earned team meal. Commitment is also an essential part of our team’s culture in supporting both each other and our Fair Haven community, and we thank the Foundation of Fair Haven and Borough of Fair Haven, for another enjoyable day and bringing our community together!

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