Bridge the Gap Between
Disruption & Transformation

Disruptive technology is transforming business models across industries. Momentum is fueled by the growing expectations of customers, partners, and employees. Transformation is the key to meeting these expectations, and business leaders are redefining their Enterprises’ 3 P’s – People, Process, and Products/Services.

With ForeFront’s Enterprise Services, stay one step ahead of the opportunities and challenges of building a frictionless business capable of competing in this new digital economy.

We caught up with Lisa Stout, Senior Strategy and Change Management Consultant, to introduce ForeFront’s transformation expertise.

How would you describe Enterprise Services and its positioning as part of ForeFront’s suite of offerings?

[LS]  Enterprise Services encompasses ForeFront’s capabilities beyond our cloud technology implementation and integration know-how. It is comprised of transformative capabilities such as Strategy Alignment, Change Management, and Process Optimization, which are applied pre and post technology implementation. The outcome ensures a seamless transformation and smooth user adoption for our clients.

What specific areas of Business Transformation within Enterprise Services does ForeFront provide expertise in?

[LS]  Our transformative capabilities result from our Enterprise Services Team’s years of industry management consulting experience, combined with our award-winning cloud solution expertise – primarily in B2B Commerce, Quote-to-Cash and Field Service Management for industries such as High Tech, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare. The combination of the two areas uniquely differentiates our Enterprise Services.

Where does the demand for a comprehensive transformation come from? What makes the ForeFront experience stand out?

[LS]  Many customers realize that without planning for the human factors, process changes, and expertise to guide such transformations, the effort will be quite limited in its effectiveness. Comprehensive transformations require the expertise to deliver seamless technology, but also the guidance to take it beyond. Make the goal and the outcomes visible to leadership, drive change management and stakeholder buy-in, and create a tactical, measurable plan to ensure R.O.I. The ForeFront experience hits on all of these components. Unlike some common large players, we are not a siloed practice. Our flexible, open, collaborative environment allows us to maximize our own breadth of expertise to reach all-encompassing success.

In your role with ForeFront, how do you apply the strategic insights you’ve gained throughout your career?

[LS]  There are many dots that can be connected from previous experiences to add value to our clients’ needs.  It can be in the form of industry-specific insights having worked within that same arena recently, or it can be in the form of calling upon previous experiences and lessons learned from an entirely unrelated engagement. While best practices and tools are to be learned and applied at every turn, every customer “picture” is totally different.  Everything our team does leads back to delivering completely individualized solutions. The strategic insights we’ve amassed equip us with the knowledge and flexibility to approach our engagements so organically.  We aren’t selling you a boilerplate corporate equation to plug your variables into. What you are getting with ForeFront is intellectual capital, relevant experience, and passion for rolling up our sleeves to figure out what works for YOU.

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